Tutu is the most childlike and innocent the bear

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Animal Crossing: The Coolest Bear Villagers To Get Ranked, In Your Island

2020's Animal Crossing New Horizons took the world by storm and fans are attempting to build the island that they could in the entry in the Animal Crossing franchise. The game not only has hundreds of villagers with various personalities and clothes scenarios, but there are several animal groupings to these. Let us now look at and rank the 10 coolest bear villagers at Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Tutu is the most childlike and innocent the bear villagers of all. Her face reads just like somebody who's just trying to determine what the rest of their life holds for them and is much more welcoming and soft than her counterparts. Her blonde bangs and blush push home the sense of her childlike wonder. What's not to adore? Her title is likely a reference to the ballet, taking into consideration the ties of the country to polar bears.

You see something or someone so weird you need to find out more? Klaus is a Smug bear villager whose layout communicates his smugness, but his bear inspiration gets lost in the mix. Gladiator vibes are given off by klaus thanks in big part to iron armor, cloth sandals, and the bracers that he wears as buy bells animal crossing new horizons his default ensemble. He's always ready for battle.

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