I started playing RS about a month

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So, I studying about OSRS gold treasure trails, and some website said"Can NOT dig numerous times, this may spawn multiple Zamorak wizards!" Additionally, I noticed that some locations in which you get wilderness coordinates are multicombat. Zamorak wizards have a fairly decent 730 lp, are range feeble, and generally fall 45 passing runes. So, obviously, we ought to... CHIN ZAMMY WIZARDS!!!

The Procedure: Have rapid prayers set to eagle eye and keep from magic. When ready, turn them on, then junk dig with the spade. Zamorak wizards will predominate. Chin them. Whenever you are on your last few wizards, utilize your rune crossbow to kill all but one. Then, spam dig again. Return to chinning.

That is not meant to be a entry for a Guide on Sal's or anything. It is actually only a rough sketch. I only thought I might share it since it helped me and may help a different player if they are becoming frustrated with how their house is"shaping up", so to speak. I created it because I had been becoming frustrated with my house and the way jumbled up the chambers were. It was just like a rats' maze hoping to get to a number of the chambers since I didn't think so much concerning positioning when I first started creating my POH. I wound up deleting all of my rooms and producing this template to help me recreate it. I have my rooms right where I want them in a really efficient design for me.

The idea behind the template is, by understanding the appropriate amount of doors every various potential room the Construction skill provides, and by being able to visualize it on your computer screen or on paper, you'll find it easier to make a eye-pleasing and efficient layout for your POH.

I started playing RS about a month

I am level 129, I began playing with RS roughly a month before RS2 was formally published. Since I was in middle school at the moment, it was really simple to find time (DAYS) to perform RS. I mean I was a normal kid, made good grades and normal sports, etc.. But when you're than young there is just so much stuff you can do, and I was among the very first people in my freaking county to get DSL back (Still have it fuuuu.png), so what was wrong with obtaining my scape on? God know how much buy RS3 gold crap about computers which game taught my 11 year old self.

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